Day 23: Meet woman from Uniqlo advert

Happy Christmas, everyone!

It’s thanks to my friend, Harry, for the next doppelgänger suggestion. He posted a picture of this woman on my Facebook wall after he found her in an an Uniqlo advert in Metro. Anyone know this woman? Unfortunately I don’t even know her name…

Please keep your doppelgänger suggestions coming. The more, the better. In the meantime, reckon woman from Uniqlo advert could be my doppelgänger? Vote below…

Sophie x

Woman from Uniqlo advert or Sophie Robehmed?

Sophie Robehmed or woman from Uniqlo advert?


Day 2: Doppelgänger search rules

Hello everyone!

My search has got off to a promising start. Far better than I expected: I have a few leads including
a gentleman in Chipping Norton who is unnerved by the resemblance I hold to his younger sister (unfortunately we do not share the same eye colour or a similar age but there are some similarities), amusing blog comments, wonderful Twitter support and my sister, who is in Australia until Sunday, keeping her eye out in Sydney.

Thanks so much to everyone for being so lovely and helpful.
I really appreciate all your help on this.

Just a few points that need clarifying:

1) My eyes are blue. I’ve been getting some picture of women with brown eyes. I know that’s my fault for the initial black and white photos (silly me). So more (colour) photos are
a-coming. Within this very blog post in fact.

2) I am enjoying your celebrity doppelgänger suggestions but I need to find a woman who looks like me, is of a similar age and is
not a celebrity. So please suggest women you know and send pictures of them once you
have permission.

3) I am tweeting at @sophierobehmed. I am trying to get the #doyoulooklikeme hashtag trending so please use it when you tweet me
or others about the search.

That’s it for now. Thanks again for helping me spread the word: it’s a little over 24 hours since the blog went live and I feel that bit closer to finding my doppelgänger. Please keep your eyes peeled, keep sending your pictures and keep commenting. Thank you.

Sophie x