Day 4: Vladimir Putin’s doppelgänger?

It’s been a slow #doyoulooklikeme day. Probably because it’s Sunday. Day of rest and all that.

And so, because I’ve had no reply from the best contender yet, I thought I’d share an amusing doppelgänger story that recently hit the headlines: A farmer called Lo Yuanpin, who lives in central China, has become a celebrity after a journalist noticed he shared a striking resemblance to Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister.

So what do you think? Split at birth or are you having a laugh? Leave your comments below…

Sophie x

Seeing double? Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (left) and Lo Yuanpin

Vladimir Putin?

Lo Yuanpin?


Day 1: Once upon a time…

My name is Sophie Robehmed and I am a journalist looking for my doppelgänger for a social experiment feature. ARE YOU HER? DO YOU KNOW HER? WHERE IS SHE? In the famous words of Nikki Grahame: WHO IS SHE? WHO IS SHE? WHO IS SHE? WHERE DID YOU FIND HER? (Please tell me.)


Because we’ve all seen a person in the street, in a shop, on holiday or on the bus that looks like our partner, mum or best mate. But have you ever found your very own lookalike? I certainly haven’t so that’s why I’m determined to find her. I intend to write a feature for a national publication about the outcome of this social experiment – and I need your help please.


With the help of social media, word of mouth, the kindness of strangers and the power of the internet, I hope to find my doppelgänger and discover whether the only similarities we share are our looks. Please email with your pictures of women (but please ask their permission first) who look like me and I will be posting them on the blog (as long as they’re happy with it).

I will be recording my progress and every grain of hope on this blog as I search THE WORLD for another woman who looks significantly like me. Please spread the word and help me find her. Leave a comment below or contact me via the email address above if you are her,  know her or have seen her. Thank you.

Oh, and this is what I look like: