Day 26: Greetings from India

No, I’m not in India but let’s pretend that I’ve been finding myself and my doppelgänger in Rajasthan since my last post in April. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’ve started a Facebook page for my search, different tactic and all that. Please ‘like’ it, and if possible, share it on your Facebook walls with your friends and ask your friends to do the same. And perhaps introduce a bit of cross-pollination by emailing the link for my Facebook page to your family and friends? That would be wonderful. (OK, just one more.)

As always (I know, change the record, right?), I’m needing more lookalike suggestions so PLEASE get in touch with pictures and details or whatever leads you have. I thought I’d share a recent doppelgänger suggestion all the way from India from a guy called Chinnu who emailed me after reading a piece I wrote for Reader’s Digest. He sent a picture of Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and according to many people, well, five people on Facebook, she might just be the best contender yet. But what do you think?

Sophie x

Sonam Kapoor