Day 27: New year, new domain(s)

Happy New Year, y’all.

I’m going to be concentrating my search efforts on Facebook and Twitter from now on. I might be wrong but I reckon social media is the way to go to reach a bigger audience and hopefully, in time, build a bigger following too in order to get closer to finding my doppelgänger.

I asked my lovely friend Dave if he would design a ‘wanted poster’ for my project and…


Please share it with everyone you know (don’t worry, I know you won’t but even passing it on to your five besties would help) on Facebook, Twitter, email or courier pigeon (mine’s called Barry. Dear ol’ Bazza).

You can find me talking all things doppelganger – my search, stories in the news and some convincing lookalike suggestions if I’m lucky – on my Facebook page. It would be great if you could please ‘like’ the page and join me there. I’m also tweeting in general (with the occasional doppel tweet) at @sophierobehmed but @doyoulooklikeme will be the Twitter HQ for double discoveries. So please follow, say hello and tweet me up, peeps. (Peeps is bad enough. I refuse to say tweeps.)

Thanks so much for all your help, messages and support so far. I really appreciate it. Here’s to a lucky 2013. 

Sophie x