Day 20: BBC Radio Manchester

So I was on BBC Radio Manchester  this morning. I was talking to presenter Heather Stott who was lovely and who, you might be able to tell, I found  funny (cue inadvertent, embarrassing, breathy laughter.) I particularly enjoyed her ‘Good one!’ comment at the end of the interview in response to #doyoulooklikeme as the blog’s name.

I’m also pleased I got to do a shout out to the city’s major Lebanese community, which of course includes other British Lebanese women who could look like me. For example, Samia Ghadie of Coronation Street  fame lives in the area. Although we don’t look that alike and she’s definitely not my doppelgänger. Still I feel a sort of bond with her because we come from the ‘same recipe’ as my Mum puts it and her older brother, Tariq, played with my older sister, Chantal, in the Middle East before I was even born.

Anyway, here’s Heather and I chatting from 128:12ish. Hope you enjoy it.

Sophie x

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