Day 17: Shopping for my doppelgänger

It’s hard to keep your eyes peeled for your doppelgänger when you’re dashing around a shop floor trying to buy as many Christmas presents for as many people as you can. That was me earlier on today.

And yet I imagine shopping, and stopping for a bite, drink or both at a table with a street view, during said shopping sesh to be an effective way of spotting potential doppelgängers. I didn’t get a chance to stop earlier and was only in my local London bubble but I reckon if I took a pew on a bench on Oxford Street, I would definitely find a contender in an afternoon. I might do this. I might do this once I have finished all my Christmas shopping.

In the meantime, where do you like to people-watch? And if you live in London or Devon, please give me your best spots for people-watching so I can hopefully get around to trying them out in the name of research sometime soon. (Thanks very much.)

Sophie x

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