Day 13: BBC Radio Devon and Caitlin Moran (the sequel)

My mobile rang at about 2pm this afternoon, ‘Unknown number’ filling the screen. It was BBC Radio Devon wondering if I could talk about #doyoulooklikeme at 3:30. Of course I could! Yes, my home county would help me spread the word: ‘One Devon woman’s search…’ was the hook.

I was briefly briefed by the producer on the questions she had given the presenters before Rod Stewart finished his song down the phone and we were live. There were a few detours from these questions, which the producer warned could happen, but all in all it went really well – according to my mum and grandpa *cough* BIASED *cough*. I will endeavour to put up the chat tomorrow when it’s available online.

In other news, Caitlin Moran very kindly retweeted me again on Twitter today, which has given me a few leads to follow up on – doppelgänger suggestions taking me from the capital to Cumbria to Canada. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, please keep ’em coming. Thank you.

Sophie x

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