Day 6: New hair, new doppelgänger?

I got a hair cut today. Just an off-the-cuff thing after Super Cuts entered my vision this morning while chatting to a colleague at the bus stop opposite Shepherd’s Bush station. So on my way home, I popped in. Why not? Although I must admit I have never been to any branch of Super Cuts before because I have always been a little unsure of its self-proclaimed expertise. But fed-up with my borderline mullet, I thought I’d give Super Cuts a chance. Super.

What followed was probably one of the most stressful hair cuts of my life. My Hungarian hairdresser, although lovely, spoke barely a word of English. (Not so super). I was living on my nerves and ‘Reduce the heavy?’ (Reducing the weight of my hair got blank doe-eyed Bambi stares and ‘I’m sorry…’) But I felt sorry for her. Even more so as nearly every other hairdresser chipped in (course I wanted them to as well, staring at my short flat fluff upon my head) to translate and share their thoughts, hands and products.

And then it occurred to me (you sound like Carrie Bradshaw, you fool) a new hair style probably means a new doppelgänger. But does a new crop increase or diminish my chances of finding my doppelgänger? One thing is for sure: Lauren – aka best contender yet who will be appearing on the blog soon – and I have been in touch today. And sadly, although there are definitely some facial similarities between us, I don’t think she’s The One. (We haven’t got the same hair cut for starters…)

Sophie x

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