Day 3: Caitlin Moran’s super powers

It’s nice to know Caitlin Moran is behind my search. Much better than nice in fact. And definitely the highlight of my #doyoulooklikeme news today.

On the train back to London from the homeland (Devon) earlier on, I was catching up on my tweets. I told Caitlin she was a woman with super powers and thanked her for retweeting my tweet that made my inbox, @replies and blog go kerazy yesterday (3,178 views site stats fans). Above is her reply. Not only lovely that she responded but I’m touched that she wants to be updated on this.*

I replied, very tempted to tell her: a) That I had got to the end of the ‘I AM IN LOVE!’ chapter of her book How To Be a Woman and agreed that her musician boyfriend was a real dick. Ask her: b) Did you keep the maracas? And share with her creepy c): You’re in my bag and all I want to do is read you.

Instead I told her that a guy I worked with at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival in 2005 had messaged me yesterday to say he had met my doppelgänger three months ago and that she is the best contender yet…**

* Of course Caitlin could’ve been talking baloney to be polite but I don’t think so. It’s all in the HAVE.

** That was my attempt at a cliffhanger. Did it work? Not really because I’m about to tell you that I messaged this girl and that I am waiting further contact and pictures. In one photo, we look VERY ALIKE. But not so much in another. Will update you as soon as I know more…***

*** Can’t help myself. Sorry.

Sophie x

One Comment on “Day 3: Caitlin Moran’s super powers”

  1. liz stevenson says:

    enjoying this, keep it coming !!!

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